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Product Of The Month

Every month we spotlight a bread or product that we sell in our cafés. We hope you enjoy learning a little about them. Stop by any of our locations to sample these treats and take something home to share.

Chocolate Cherry Almond Heart Bread

Years ago, while looking through cookbooks, I found this interesting recipe for a Greek Christmas bread called Christopsomo. Although there are many interpretations, one with roasted almonds, brandy, and dried cherries inspired me the most. When we first started making this bread, we were all overwhelmed with the unbelievable aromas coming from our ovens. The smell of this bread is like no other loaf I have ever baked. It’s irresistible. We sold it during the Christmas holidays for a few years, but got so many requests for panettone that we decided to move this bread to Valentine’s Day with the addition of yet another irresistible ingredient: bittersweet chocolate!

Our Chocolate Cherry Almond Heart Bread is enriched with eggs, unsalted butter, sugar, brandy, dried cherries, bittersweet chocolate and roasted almonds and baked golden brown in the shape of a heart. Try warming this bread slightly before serving. I have difficulty restraining myself from eating the whole loaf especially when served toasted with vanilla ice cream or made into French toast with sweetened whipped cream and powdered sugar.

- Leslie