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Product Of The Month

Every month we spotlight a bread or product that we sell in our cafés. We hope you enjoy learning a little about them. Stop by any of our locations to sample these treats and take something home to share.

Seeded Macrina Baguette

Seeded Macrina Baguette

An emblem of French cuisine, a staple of the dinner table, and a crust lover’s favorite, there’s something romantic and humble about the baguette. Often found peeking from the top of a grocery bag next to waving tendrils of carrot greens or strapped to a bicycle’s basket, the baguette is the carefree companion of the bread world.

Adding even more crunch and flavor to its miles of crisp crust, we roll our signature baguette in sesame, poppy and fennel seeds and bake them into the exterior. This bread can be enjoyed any time of day. Slather it with salted butter, paté or creamy cheese, use it to hold the contents of a chicken salad sandwich, or dunk it in soup or stew. Our Seeded Macrina Baguette is always ready for the next great meal.